DHR Electrically

The Dual Heated Pressure Regulator is designed to supply heat to samples entering instrumentation systems. It can be used to preheat liquids, to prevent condensation of gases or to vaporize liquids prior to gas analysis. Signifi cant space savings can be realized due to the utilization of two discrete regulators that are heated by a common source.

The modular design of the Dual Heated Regulator consists of a heating element and pressure control sections. The pressure control sections are patterned after the time proven design of the PR-1 pressure reducing regulator and provides the same excellent outlet pressure stability. The heat exchanger section is made up of a body and a heating element.

The Dual Heated Pressure Regulators are ATEX approved. The electrical components of this unit are securely housed in a Class A, B, C, D condulet assuring that there is always an adequate fl ame path between the environment and the controller. Safety considerations can be further enhanced by using the optional TCO (Thermal Cut Out) heater cartridge and proportional controller. These features enable the unit to boast a T3 rating with 150 watts of power.