The CC2 Series compact two-stage precision pressure regulator is well suited for instrumentation applications requiring a precise and stable delivery pressure. This regulator was originally designed to meet the needs of the instrumentation industry; however, it would also be very useful in many other applications that require a compact two-stage pressure regulator to supply a precise delivery pressure with fl uctuating supply pressures.

Another benefi t of using the CC2 Series is that internally, it shares some of its design features and options with the time proven CPR-1 Series pressure regulator. These features and options allow the customer to essentially tailor this regulator to accommodate virtually any application requiring low to moderate fl ow rates. The unit will also be offered with inlet/outlet pressure gauges, CGA connections and relief valves.

The CC2 Series regulator is manufactured in 316L stainless steel as a standard option. Please consult GO Regulator for any optional materials of construction that might be required for toxic or corrosive process gas applications.