Gyrolok tube fittings

9 Decades of Product Excellence
Samuel W. HOKE began manufacturing small gas fl ow control valves for jewelers’ torches in 1925. At the same time, he also laid the foundation for a top international fl uid control products company, HOKE® Incorporated.
In the early 1940’s, S.W. HOKE produced the forerunners of today’s HOKE® valves, masterfully crafted with the highest quality materials.
In the early 1960’s, HOKE® Incorporated (HOKE®) took the industry by storm, introducing the GYROLOK® Tube Fitting. To this day, no other manufacturer has been able to improve upon its unique design.
Over the years, HOKE® built a fi rst-class reputation for designing and manufacturing state-of-theart products. In striving for maximum quality and value, HOKE® set the industry standards for product safety, operability, durability and reliability.
CIRCOR Instrumentation continues this product excellence for all global customers.

Training and Engineering Support
CIRCOR offers extensive training designed to ensure that your craftspeople thoroughly understand how a GYROLOK® fi tting functions. By teaching proper tubing preparation and installation procedures, maximum performance is assured.
CIRCOR will take the time to assist our customers in fi nding the GYROLOK® fi tting that is right for their specifi c needs. Ask your HOKE® distributor for details regarding HOKE’s valve and fi tting installation workshop and additional support materials.