High cycle ball valve

HOKE High Cycle ball valves are designed for repeatable, zero leakage sealing when control conditions demand valve actuation exceeding 50,000 cycles. Their unique stem- and seat designs provide packless-free operation and ease of maintenance.

HOKE High Cycle ball valves provide a wide range of capabilities for demanding applications. Temperature limits range from -65° F (-54° C) to 500° (260° C). Operating pressure limits run as high as 6000 psig (414 bar) for the D/DL Series valves. Choose a 2-way ball valve for fast, quarter-turn on-off operation. Alternatively, a 3-way ball valve such as the HOKE 7 Series employs 180° operation for diverting flow from one line to another. In situations where fire propagation is an issue, HOKE offers the 7 Series Fire Safe ball valve.

Before making your high cycle ball valve selection, be sure to consider the system pressure, operating temperature, required flow and materials of construction. If you application requires a ball valve not listed in this catalog, contact your local HOKE stocking distributor, or the factory.